Everybody on the internet only talk about the ending of Titanic. For years it has traumatised entire generations. 

Today, right now, we offer you the opportunity to make it right. Save Jack and much more...

You play only with the mouse :

  • Left Click to pick up
  • Left Click to drop
  • Mouse Wheel to rotate
  • Hold Right Click and Mouse Wheel to Zoom
  • Move Mouse to borders to scroll

Unfortunatly there is no sound (but you can put the official titanic song in an other tab)

Thanks for taking the time to play, I hope you will have some fun.

A game by Tim Guthmann.


TitanicInternetCut_V1_0.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip it. Launch the "Titanic The Internet's Cut.exe"


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Why did they not do this in real life, it would have saved millions!

Oh my god!!!That's genius!