If the music is not synced on the web version, try the windows.

Mister Vincent is the renowned conductor of the Fabulous Orchestra. Why is it so Fabulous you might ask ? Well it is a bit peculiar. Maybe there’s a cook hidden behind the violins. Maybe some bees too. Maybe there is even more to it. ! Who knows ?

What is known is the more you have, the worse it gets. A game made for the Ludum Dare 40.

A Fabulous game brought to you by :

  • Boris Kolimaga : Art, Music and Sounds
  • Julie Martinez : Art
  • Tim Guthmann : Programming
  • Vincent Jalliffier-Merlon : Art

It’s like guitar hero but better !

If the game doesn't run well on old browsers. Try to update your browser if it's not working (great on mozilla).


FabulousOrchestraWindows.zip 26 MB